Cristina Zenato

Cristina Zenato

Cristina has dedicated a life time to exploration, education and conservation.

A recognized diving professional for the last twenty-five years, Cristina shares her knowledge about the oceans, sharks, caves and scuba diving.

Cristina is a proud member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, The Explorers Club, the Ocean Artists Society and a Platinum Pro5000 recipient.  The belief that fuels her work is that “knowledge is power and through knowledge we can conquer and defeat unfounded fear to better connect to our oceans and our environment and strive to live in a mutual benefit”. Cristina is an active supporter of OWUSS scholars, the WDHOF scholarships and training grants and an active volunteer and diver for the Bahamas National Trust.

Shark Ecologist & Behaviorist

NSS-CDS Advanced Cave Instructor

KISS Rebreather Instructor

TDI Extended range Instructor

Padi Course Director

Founder of People Of The Water Nonprofit

The Shark Specialty

Shark Interactive Experience

Shark Interactive Course

Shark Film Shoots


Intro To Cave

Full Cave


Speaking Engagements

Cristina offers the opportunity to talk about different subjects in four different languages.

Her presentations and talks have taken place all over the world from USA, to Singapore, traveling through Europe, South America and Caribbean, while reaching other parts of the world via internet.

Cristina can talk about her passion for the ocean, sharks and conservation, connect it with the magical world of caves and fresh water supply.

Cristina has given presentations to young people to help them with their desire to help and join the battle to protect our precious planet; she has been a motivational speaker for women and young people trying to find a road in this world.

Cristina aims to change the perception of the world through exploration, opening a gateway for people to discover, about themselves, their opportunities, capabilities, and understand the need to protect our fragile world.

Expertise & Skills

Cristina’s presentations cover the following fields:

  • Shark diving and safe procedures
  • Cave diving and exploration: why and how
  • Motivational speaker: what sharks and caves can teach us
  • Conservation: it is all linked
  • Marine careers: choices and decisions, how to
  • Her life, her passion, her work: sharks, caves and beyond

“Cristina Zenato is a dedicated conservationist, a passion driven by her love of all creatures, above and below the surface. Her water skills lead her to great comfort in what other might consider hazardous marine environments, whether it is doing deep cave penetrations or working with sharks. She has a deep sense of collaboration, and has contributed her presence to a large number of wonderful still photos and videos by many of the best known names in underwater imaging. When I think of Cristina, I think of the shark resting in her lap like a puppy dog, pure joy in her eyes, and a laugh through her regulator resonating through the water column.”

Stephen Frink

“With her gentle soul and passion for educating others, Cristina Zenato shares that sharks are often missunderstood. Through her mission she empowers people to embrace and move beyond fear to realize their full potential”

Jill Heinerth

“In my eyes Cristina is an animal person with an ocean soul. You can see that part of her persona in everything she does. I first learned about Cristina from her groundbreaking work with sharks. But as much of a shark whisperer as Cristina is, her relationship with wild life and wild places doesn’t stop there. The fact is, when it comes to the oceans and wildlife of any kind, Cristina “gets it” She sees the magic in nature, and she loves to share that magic with others. If you look at Cristina’s resume, it is obvious that she has accomplished a lot. But to Cristina what she does is not about her, it is about the animals and places that cannot speak for themselves in the public forum. She is an educator, conservationist, truth seeker, and fighter for good and for what’s right. I have heard a number of people say that Cristina is a wonderful role model for young women. I certainly won’t refute that. But I don’t think her influence is limited to one gender. I think Cristina is a wonderful role model for all of us, and I am proud to call her my friend”

Marty Snyderman

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