Understanding Sharks

Cristina has been diving with sharks for the last twenty-eight years. Her field knowledge about sharks has been utilized by scientists, filmmakers and people interested in learning about sharks, the world they live in and how to protect them.

Shark Conservation

Cristina’s day to day work is with Caribbean Reef sharks. She has built a special relationship and imprint with them. Many recognize her and willingly approach to be pet. Cristina uses this connection to remove hooks from their mouths while at the same time educating the public about the real dangers sharks face. While working on a regular basis with the Caribbean Reef, she has also travelled the world, worked and experienced twelve different species of sharks. She puts this knowledge into use and works on different levels on the creation and maintenance of safe shark diving procedures, local education about sharks and world shark conservation, through her direct work, diving and speaking engagements. Cristina has been instrumental in pushing forward an image of sharks that shows their real nature. She wears protection in respect of her knowledge and understanding of the animals. While handling them she shows people that sharks are not eating machines or swimming nervous systems looking for food. Her special relationship with the local sharks, and the value it gives to shark diving tourism, inspired Cristina to start a petition and a campaign later supported by The Bahamas National Trust and the PEW organization that sees the Bahamas declared as shark sanctuary.

Professional Shark Dive Operation Consultant

Shark dives are becoming more and more popular in the scuba diving world. Many operators find the need to add this experience in their local area.

Cristina offers 28 years of shark diving experience with over 12 different species of sharks. She can help you set up a shark dive operation and create a unique shark dive experience with great emphasis on training, safety, procedures and logistical organization with satisfactory results.

Shark Safety and Photo Shoot Diver

As a professional shark diver Cristina can perform as a safety diver for talents and in water crew during video and image productions. Her knowledge of shark behavior will allow your production to obtain the best results in the sharks’ presence and reduce risk factors, delivering consistency and highly increasing your chances of success.

Help Cristina continue her work in conservation and education about sharks by supporting https://pownonprofit.org

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Touch is how I communicate with my sharks. From the combined amazing work of art of Juriaan Booij and Underwater cameraman Eddy Raphael a short story of my life and passion and my relationship with them.

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