Speaking Engagements

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so we may fear less” -Marie Curie

Cristina offers the opportunity to talk about different subjects in four different languages.

Her presentations and talks have taken place all over the world from USA, to Singapore, traveling through Europe, South America and Caribbean, while reaching other parts of the world via internet.

Cristina can talk about her passion for the ocean, sharks and conservation, connect it with the magical world of caves and fresh water supply.

Cristina has given presentations to young people to help them with their desire to help and join the battle to protect our precious planet; she has been a motivational speaker for women and young people trying to find a road in this world.

Cristina shares personal and diving stories to show her passion and work not only for sharks and ocean, but for the wild world and its animals.

Expertise & Skills

Cristina’s presentations cover the following fields:

  • Shark diving and safe procedures
  • Cave diving and exploration: why and how
  • Motivational speaker: what sharks and caves can teach us
  • Conservation: it is all linked
  • Marine carrers: choices and decisions, how to
  • Her life, her passion, her work: sharks, caves and beyond

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