Cavern Diver Course

The Cavern Diver is as a stand-alone course for people who want to take a peek inside the caverns in a safe manner. It is taught to recreational divers using basic recreational diving equipment with minor modifications required.

Duration 3 days.

Gear list

  • Regulator with pressure gauge and alternate air source; although not required, it is suggested one regulator be mounted on a hose approximately 2 meters / 7 feet in length
  • Buoyancy compensator device (BCD) with power inflator (a back-mounted low profile wing and harness, i.e. Scubapro XTek are better designed to clip and carry all the additional gear than a traditional style BDC)
  • Exposure suit adequate for cavern environment (Water temperature is 74F/23C year round. Expect some longer exposure to the water on the first day of diving, as we will be completing a lot of drills)
  • Mask and fins, NO snorkel (Please note the paths to the cave require footwear. Open heel fins with booties are the preferred combination)
  • Line cutting device (Zknife¬†mounted on the computer strap is perfect)
  • Safety reel with a minimum of 37 meters / 125 feet of guideline
  • One primary cavern-diving reel with a length appropriate for intended dive (I will provide for the course)
  • Two battery-powered lights, with burn time suitable for the planned dive time (45 min to an hour per dive). Computer or watch (bottom timer) and depth gauge
  • Slate or wet notes and pencil (recommended)
  • Submersible dive tables or backup dive computer (recommended)
  • Weight system, integrated weight system preferable to a traditional weight belt system

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