The Shark Interactive Course

“Shark Yourself!” Journey into the world of sharks, immerse yourself to understand their behavior, language, during two days of direct interaction with Caribbean Reef Sharks.

The course includes lessons about shark biology, behavior, and reaction to people; we will discuss shark handling procedures, how to understand sharks and share their world in a safe manner while learning about their conservation status and what we can do to help.

Training Dives:  We will complete two training dives per day over a period of two days under my direct supervision. The course is a progressive journey built to create independence and confidence through knowledge and understanding. You will meet, learn to recognize, name the different sharks we will be diving with. Each dive is a building block based on the previous one and it’s always custome made for each student.

Kewin Lorenzen, professional videographer and photographer will collect all the special moments and deliver a final video and five high resolution images for personal use.

Take your loved one to watch while you complete your training. A maximum of two additional divers are allowed to join and observe from a safe distance. Gear for observers not included. Any participant is required to wear a full length wetsuit. No personal cameras are allowed on the dives.

Minimum Open Water certification required. A high level of comfort with regulator, mask and buoyancy skills are recommended. Depth 45-55ft/14-16m.

Day One starts at 8:30 and ends at 2:00 pm (14:00)    Subject to change due to charter availability                                                                                               Day Two starts at 8:30 and ends at 2:00 pm (14:00)    Subject to chagne due to charter availability

Scuba and specialized gear are included. Please bring your personal mask and if available the wetsuit you are most comfortable with for the related seasonal water temperature (See FAQ) Drysuits are not suitable under the chainmail. If completing additional recreational dives prior to the course or after, scuba gear is available for rental. No personal cameras on the student are allowed during this time.

NOTE: This is an experience and it is not designed to be used as training for to become professional handlers, nor to be applied to all species of sharks. It is strictly designed to be completed under my direct supervision with the familiar sharks and in a familiar environment. No certification is issued for specifically handling sharks.

Course: $3465

The Course is available year-round and dates are selected upon availability of both parties involved. Please contact to book your course.

A 25% non refundble deposit is required to lock in the selected dates. Once reserved the dates can be changed once and rescheduled within a year from the original reservation. The booking price is guaranteed through the end of the intial calendar year.


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