Shades of Blue

Shades of blue and purple glide next to me as I watch you surrounding and allowing me to enter your world.

Your delicate form hides the strength of a lonely fighter, of a being sure of his quest, determined in his goal.


Fearless is not the lack of fear 

My chin sweeps by a Cassiopea I can feel the tingling on my skin, the body finally sloshed inside a mix of moss, algae and sediments. The swim comes to a halt, the new moon low tide has drained the last of the few inches of water used to try to swim to the cave entrance. 


Divescapes Calgary

Cristina will be speaking at Divescapes Calgary on October 20th 2019 on “Sharkcentric”; how the desire to protect one of the most misunderstood creatures on this planet has brought Cristina to realize how far is the reach of conservation work if we really we want to make a difference.

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