Shades of Blue

Shades of blue and purple glide next to me as I watch you surrounding and allowing me to enter your world.

Your delicate form hides the strength of a lonely fighter, of a being sure of his quest, determined in his goal.

I take a deep breath as I reach out for you and you let me touch, you pause, you are not sure of what is happening and your body lets go of the role you are supposed to play.

Slowly the weight of your being slips away from my touch and you resume your quest, your restless dance, and your approach. Again I reach for you, the grasp lasts only seconds.

I wish I could connect with you, but your nature does not allow you to stay and you dance around me, once again…

I wish I could understand you better.

I wish I had encountered you times before.

I wish I could dance with you instead.

For the descriptions of you are not matching the reality of you.

You hold a secret, a special beauty that only those allowed to get closer can see, can feel, can marvel at. It is a magical feeling to be with you, the silence surrounding worth more then any breath could describe.

It is nature that allows you to come close to me; it is nature that does not allow you to come too close…

And as a dream that shimmered through my soul you go, shades of blue, purple and gold

and in my memory,

I dance with you!


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